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Certis Group is the most experienced and respected professionals in Certification, DDA Access advice and Energy assessments. Considered one of the most preferred building certifiers in the construction industry we operate nation-wide. Our success in the commercial sector is driven by our team of experts who are dedicated and passionate about delivering unparallel service and support. Certis has been a game changer in the provision of certification services, and with ISO 9001 accreditation, you are guaranteed that all work we do for you will be of the highest standard.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance

Certis operates an approved Quality Management System complying with ISO: 9001-2008.

Integrated Service

We offer independent & integrated services of Building Certification, Access Consulting and Energy Assessment to deliver a NCC compliant building.


We have a national network of offices which operates a Quality Management System (QMS) to deliver national consistency of interpretation and approach but that also supports local contact and experience where it is needed.


We have been one of the market leaders in providing building surveying services since 2000, we have developed a high level of experience and capability across all sectors of the built environment and are able to provide consistency and support innovation for any construction project whatever its purpose or scale.

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